EXO’s Xiumin Was Mistaken For A High Schooler And Carded By A Restaurant Owner

He showed them his ID card.

EXO‘s Xiumin was apparently carded by a restaurant owner due to his unbelievably youthful looks.

An Instagram user shared a picture of Xiumin’s autograph and explained in the caption that her mother-in-law checked Xiumin’s ID card after thinking he was a high school student.

“EXO’s Xiumin came to my mother-in-law’s restaurant but she didn’t recognize him and she checked his ID card thinking he was a high school student lol Luckily, my brother recognized him and got his autograph #EXO #Xiumin #Tongyeong #Daemuldajji #TongyeongRestaurant”


In fact, Xiumin was born in 1990 and will be turning 29 years old this year (30 in Korean age).


But with a baby face like his, it’s not surprising that someone who doesn’t recognize him would think that he was a high schooler!


Netizens also couldn’t believe that Xiumin was 30 in Korean age this year.

  • “He looks really young.”
  • “Can’t believe that face is thirty…”
  • “It’s not only his eyes, nose and lips. It’s also his round eyes, his cute little mouth, his squirrel-like expressions…”
  • “Xiumin is thirty??? Omg…how old was he when he debuted? He looks like he’s in his early 20’s.”
  • “Time is unfair.”
  • “Huh?? Thirty??”
Source: The Qoo