EXO’s Chanyeol And Baekhyun Posts Petition Regarding “Nth Room Sex Abuse Case” Through Instagram

They hope to help bring justice to this case.

Recently, a case called the “Nth Room Sex Abuse Case” went under investigation and confirmed perpetrators who “enslaved” underage girls to film sexual acts to sell online through the application called Telegram.

In light of this case, many citizens and celebrities have posted and shared the petition regarding this case. EXO‘s Chanyeol posted two photos of the petition through his Instagram story, hoping fans would help sign the petition.

The petition is requesting that all users that signed up for the Telegram #Nth Room chat have their information/identity released to the public.

Baekhyun also posted about the case and revealed a petition that requested that all #N Group chat users and perpetrator #Nth Room Group Chat Baksa to receive punishment.

Baekhyun has 16.8M followers while Chanyeol has 20.3M followers on Instagram. Fans are thankful to both of them for posting and spreading awareness about this case. Being able to share this news with so many people has drastically helped in the number of people signing the petitions.

Fans who saw their posts were touched that they stood up to spread awareness about this disturbing case.

Nth Room Sex Abuse Case