“Nth Room” Main Operator Cho Joo Bin Pleads For A Lighter Sentence – Claims “40 Years Is Too Heavy”

He denied some of his charges.

Previously, it was released that 25-year-old Cho Joo Bin was one of the main perpetrators of the “Nth Room” scandal. Through the application, called Telegram, underage girls were sexually assaulted and filmed for paid viewers. The enormous scandal rocked not only South Korea but also the entire world, as the sick and twisted crimes of those involved were unforgivable.

Joo Bin was previously sentenced to 40 years of imprisonment for his crimes. On January 26, 2021, his lawyer made a case on his behalf, claiming that the 40-year sentence was “too heavy” compared to other stronger criminals and murderers. The lawyer asked for the judge to reconsider the sentence again.

Considering that the maximum sentence by law is 45 years of imprisonment, the lawyer pleads the case that these conditions were not considered for the defendant. In addition, Cho Joo Bin’s team continued to deny charges of having organized a criminal organization and pleaded not guilty for this charge.

During the first trial, prosecutors had demanded life imprisonment for Joo Bin, but the judge ruled it with a 40-year sentence. His next hearing will be on March 9, 2021.

Cho Joo Bin was accused of blackmailing dozens of female victims, including minors between May 2019 and February 2020. He would trick victims into a vicious cycle of blackmail as he forced them to be sexually assaulted and harassed. He was also charged with filming and distributing sexual exploitation videos through Telegram, as well as for profiting and hiding the profits made from his crime organization.

Source: Hankyung

Nth Room Sex Abuse Case

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