Here Are the Shockingly Gruesome Details of What Really Happened to Underage Girls in the “Nth Room”

*Warning: Graphic Details*

In light of the shocking reports of the “Nth Room” in an application called Telegram, and the kind of sexual assault that occurred in that chatroom with underage girls, 2 Kookmin Ilbo reporters confessed that they infiltrated the chatroom themselves and shared the gruesome details of what they witnessed inside.

According to the reporters, the victims appeared to be middle school students who were seen naked on the floors of a washroom.

Most of the victims seemed to be in middle school. The girls are barking like dogs. I saw the girls naked and lying on the floor of the men’s washroom with my own eyes. One of the most basic kind of video was them staring into the camera and masturbating.

– Kookmin Ilbo Reporters

The reporters revealed that they witnessed middle school students getting raped in the videos shared in the chatroom.

In the summer of last year, a girl who appeared to be in middle school was trapped inside what looked like a motel. Adult men entered the room and raped her. The video was shared live. The viewers in the chatroom said things like, ‘This is how real grooming is done.’

– Kookmin Ilbo Reporters

In addition, there was a photo showing the administrator, “Baksa” ordering his “slaves” with the words “Baksa” and “slave” carved into a body.

There was a photo of the words “Baksa” and slave” carved into a body. He used it as a way to tell his viewers that those “slaves” belonged to him.

– Kookmin Ilbo Reporters

Furthermore, the administrator, Baksa was revealed to prefer grotesque footage.

He told the naked girls to put their underwear on their head or pretend to have a seizure on the ground.

– Kookmin Ilbo Reporters

What’s even more shocking is the level of torture that the men put the underage girls through using grotesque methods.

They made the girls put caterpillars in their genitals and even made them eat feces.

– Kookmin Ilbo Reporters

Although the main administrator, revealed to be Cho Joo Bin was arrested with his identity revealed to the public, the national petition demanding for all of the perpetrators to be exposed is still ongoing.

Cho Joo Bin Revealed to Be the Main Perpetrator Behind the Infamous “Nth Room”

Source: Instiz

Nth Room Sex Abuse Case