Cho Joo Bin Revealed to Be the Main Perpetrator Behind the Infamous “Nth Room”

Cho Joo Bin is an educated, 25-year-old man who was the administrator behind the chatroom that enslaved and tortured underage girls.

It was recently reported that a chatroom by the name of “Nth Room”  enslaved underage girls and threatened them to film sexual acts through an application called Telegram.

In light of many citizens as well as celebrities demanding the identities of the perpetrators to be exposed, SBS News recently revealed the identity of the main administrator behind the shocking case.

The 25-year-old man goes by the name of Cho Joo Bin, and he’s a graduate of Inha Technical College.

As an Information and Communication major, he liked writing so much that he worked for the school newspaper and went on to become the chief editor.

Cho Joo Bin was a hardworking student who maintained a 4.0 average in college.

It has also been revealed that Cho Joo Bin had a quiet personality, but that he didn’t get along with his peers.

He wrote the articles however he wanted and got into trouble with the professors. He ran into conflict with the assistant administrator, and basically everyone else.

– School Newspaper Colleague

But aside from the disagreements, Cho Joo Bin was never involved in any trouble related to sexual assault.

The police reported that Cho Joo Bin’s activity in the Nth Room began back in 2018.

According to the reports, when the previous administrator became less active in the Nth Room, Cho Joo Bin used even more shocking sexual exploitation material to earn money.


The petition demanding the exposure of all of the perpetrators involved in the sexual exploitation group chat is still ongoing.

Source: Insight

Nth Room Sex Abuse Case