EXO’s Chanyeol To Be The Next Member To Feature On “Sim For You”

A look into the life of EXO’s Chanyeol.

EXO‘s Chanyeol is set to be the next guest on Sim For You, an exclusive reality show produced by SM C&C for EXO-Ls. The show is centered around the featured member’s daily lives, much like a vlog.

The reality show is so popular amongst fans that it was the series to hit 10 million views in the shortest time frame. It is reported that Chanyeol will be showing off his life as both “Park Chanyeol the human” and “Artist Chanyeol”.

Chen’s appearance on the show. | SM C&C

Previously, members including Xiumin, Chen and Suho have been guests on the show. Xiumin shared with fans the tedious yet hilarious process of moving into his new apartment. On the other hand, Chen took fans along with him on his solo travels to Gyeongju, a traditional city in South Korea. Suho showed the process of preparations for his solo album, from concept meetings to the final outcome.

Xiumin’s appearance on the show. | SM C&C

Chanyeol’s episodes are set to air in October via the VLIVE app. Relive the gut-busting moments from Xiumin’s episodes below, as the members of EXO visited for a housewarming party!


Source: Spot Tv