EXO’s Choreographer Kasper Praises Kai And Lay As One-Of-A-Kind Idols

In his opinion, there is no one else like Kai and Lay

EXO is known for their mind-blowing choreography and their live performances showcase their tremendous talent in dancing.

One of EXO’s choreographers Kasper has gained popularity thanks to his attractive visuals and his impressive dance profile.

Kasper has been behind some of EXO’s most iconic dances, organising the choreography for “Call Me Baby”, “Ko Ko Bop” and most recently “Love Shot”.

Recently, he has been in Australia enjoying the sunny beaches but he also had time to chat with SBS PopAsia with interviewer Andy Trieu.

Andy asked Kasper if there was any idol that he thought was amazingly talented working with.

It will come to no surprise to EXO-L’s that Kasper said it was Kai.

Kai is undoubtedly one of the most talented performers and versatile dancers in the world.

He’s a great dancer. His strong point is that he’s a very balanced dancer, with contemporary dance as well as jazz. He’s very talented.

Kasper also pointed out that so many of EXO’s juniors look up to Kai’s talent and charisma.

Many K-Pop idol groups actually have someone as their own idol. For boy groups, Kai from EXO is an idol for many idol groups. Many K-Pop artists are Kai “wannabes”.

Kasper then went on to talk about the other main dancer of EXO, Lay. Kasper and Lay have been known for their friendship, with Kasper choreographing several of Lay’s dances for his solo songs in China.

Lay is really, really passionate about what he does. I don’t see that passion in anyone else.

Lay is known for his work ethic and his determination. Kasper recognises this and praises Lay as someone who is so passionate about his artistry.

He is still hungry to learn things, just like a trainee. He always wants to do more, learn more and do better. And over time his performance skills have improved and are still improving.

All in all, Kasper discusses that even though he is EXO’s choreographer, he has a natural friendship with the members.

He has constantly hung out with EXO and talks about how they are just natural friends where they play computer games, eating take-away food and even going overseas to go snowboarding.

It’s great to see that even EXO’s trainers see their talent and their amazing personalities.