EXO’s Kai talks about his experience of bathing with Taemin in hot springs

EXO‘s Kai recently spoke on an experience at the hot springs with best friend and SHINee member Taemin on a radio show, capturing the attention of many with the story.

On April 13th, popular male group EXO made a guest appearance on the SBS Power FM‘s radio program Cultwo Show. 

In response to a radio listener who claimed to have seen Kai and Taemin shopping together in Tokyo, Kai explained, “Sometime last year I went to Japan with Taemin. We went to a spa in Japan, but ended up wasting money. It was so hot that we couldn’t even stand one second [in the water].”

Kai and Taemin are well known among the fandom to be the best of friends since their trainee days, thus it is not all that surprising to see them spending time together.

As the conversation progressed towards EXO’s choreography for “Call Me Baby,” Kai revealed that it was their sexiest yet. “We blow hand kisses. We even his our chests and our pelvis,” he said.

He continues, “The versions of the stage, music video, and even our appearances change corresponding to each different TV Stations. Sometimes [I] get the choreography mixed up because there are different versions for when number of the members are different.”

Source: Star Today