EXO’s Lay Chosen As MC For China’s Controversial Version of Produce 101

Lay was selected to host the upcoming Chinese talent reality program Idol Trainee

Lay will be assuming the position of the show’s host, a role which was filled by Jang Geun Suk and BoA in the Korean version. 

Despite his appointment, however, Idol Trainee continues to receive negative comments accusing it of plagiarism. 

The program has already been criticised for having a similar format to Korea’s own Produce 101, but they appear to be going ahead with it anyway.

China’s New Trainee Idol Show Looks Exactly Like Produce 101

For example, Lay’s role as the host, the program’s concept, and the cast composition all appear to be similar to Mnet’s original program. 

At present, the show has launched their auditions through Weibo with some idols of Chinese background already discussing their participation. 

Idol Trainee is currently preparing for next year’s broadcast. 

Source: TVDaily