EXO’s Tao absent in pre-recorded comeback stage due to injury

Following the heartbreaking news of EXO‘s Tao barely making it through the group’s first comeback stage on Mnet M! Countdown, it was revealed that he was absent at the latest pre-recorded stage.

Following EXO’s comeback stage on April 2nd, the group was scheduled to pre-record their comeback performance for SBS Inkigayo. Unfortunately, reports revealed that Tao was unable to participate, and thus, will not be seen with the group performing “Call Me Baby” this weekend.

This was due to the singer’s leg injury that has yet to completely heal after performing on M! Countdown. Because it is a comeback stage, recording for it requires several takes so that it is aired as perfect as possible. Unfortunately, the strain may have deemed too much for Tao’s injury.

Tao suffered from an ankle injury after participating in the MBC Idol Athletic Championship, taking part in the basketball game. However since then, he has yet to completely recover from his injury, doing his rehabilitation as he completed his activities between China and Korea. In the most recent EXO concert held late last month, Tao was unable to stand on stage all the way through because of it.

But by the end of the day on April 2nd, SM Entertainment released a statement revealing that his ankle injury’s pain has returned. “His activities will be limited for the time being and will focus on his treatments, so he will unable to participate in music programs. However, he will attend his radio schedules and the Naver live broadcast for ‘EXO Cast #OnAir’ without a problem.”

Tao has shown regret of the news by posting to fans on his Instagram, “I will get well soon.”

He will also be absent from tonight’s KBS Music Bank and MBC Music Core appearances.

Source: My Daily