EXO’s Tao arrives in California to undergo medical treatment and studies

In spite of his withdrawal rumors from EXO, Tao was spotted heading to the United States, specifically California, where he was greeted by excited fans.

Departing China from the Beijing airport, Chinese media reported that Tao was heading to California, revealing that he will be undergoing treatment for his injuries in the states while immersing in his academic studies.

Several fans who heard the news beforehand were there to greet Tao on May 7th local time. Fans even spotted Tao’s mother with him during his trip to California.

Further details regarding his treatment or even his studies was not revealed, however.

Currently, Tao is on the verge of being the next EXO-M member to withdraw from the group after his father posted concerns of his son’s health and wishes to bring him home, essentially taking him out of the group. No direct statement from Tao himself, however, has been announced yet regarding the matter. However, he has made fans even more worried on his withdrawal after changing his Instagram profile.

Source: Star News