EXO’s Xiumin deletes his Instagram account amid dispute involving Tao

Fans noticed that EXO‘s Xiumin had deleted his Instagram account amid dispute involving fellow member Tao, leading to conclusions that the two events are in fact related. 

The account was abruptly deleted from the popular social networking service before the Tao controversy hit the media, despite having over 2 million followers. While fans were dismayed at the time and pondered why Xiumin would do such a thing, things became clearer when news broke out that Tao’s father had started a dispute with the group’s agency SM Entertainment. Fans speculated Xiumin deleted his Instagram account in advance, knowing the news would break.

Meanwhile, Xiumin is set to make an appearance on popular JTBC show Crime Scene 2, playing a popular singer XiGaSu (29), also known as the “Prince of Ballads.” The episode is set to air on April 29th, and the singer is expected to appear in the following two episodes as well.

Hopefully Xiumin will return to Instagram soon and delight his fans with new photos and videos.

Source: TV Report