“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Actor Joo Jong Hyuk Has The Best Response To Haters Criticizing His Character

He responded to netizens’ comments dubbing him “Public Enemy Number One!”

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a K-Drama that is taking over the world. Since it started airing, netizens have fallen in love with the heartwarming drama starring Park Eun Bin and Kang Tae Oh. The story follows an attorney who has autism. It has been praised for breaking prejudices as the first drama featuring an autistic attorney.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” poster | Netflix

Aside from the storyline, there are characters that have made netizens fall in love. From Woo Young Woo, Lee Jun Ho, Dong Geu Rami, and Choi Su Yeon, the whole show is full of amazingly loveable characters.

Woo Young Woo and Lee Jun Ho | The Swoon/YouTube
Woo Young Woo and Dong Geu Rami | The Swoon/YouTube
Woo Young Woo and Shoi Su Yeon | The Swoon/YouTube 

Yet, as much as everyone is in love with the characters, one person has managed to rub netizens the wrong way. While everyone can’t stop gushing and praising the cast, Extraordinary Attorney Woo actor Joo Jong Hyuk has the short end of the stick because of his character.

Joo Jong Hyuk plays attorney Kwon Min Woo and is known for his prejudice towards Woo Young Woo from the very beginning. With his sour expressions and sharp words, he has become someone viewers love to hate.

Joo Jong Hyuk as Kwon Min Woo | Netflix 

In particular, he has definitely angered fans during the last few episodes, targeting Woo Young Woo for allegedly only getting into the company on nepotism due to the fact her dad went to university with the CEO.

| Netflix
| Netflix
| Netflix

Considering how much people love Woo Young Woo’s character, it wasn’t surprising that Joo Jong Hyuk, unfortunately, became “Public enemy number one” because of his character.

Some viewers felt Kwon Min Woo had gone too far and even flocked to the Instagram of actor Joo Jong Hyuk who plays the character. In the comments, many viewers blamed his acting skills for making the character even that much more dislikeable.

  • “Must you be this way, Kwon-technician?!!!”
  • “Today, you’re particularly dislikeableㅠ.”
  • “So, what’s the reason for today, huh? There must be a reason…”
  • “Kwon-Technician was the villain!!! ㅠㅠ I hate you!!!
  • “I dare you to write something on Blind (app).”

Well, it seems like Joo Jong Hyuk has decided to respond to the haters and the comments in the funniest way possible. Shortly after the wave of comments, the actor posted some adorable pictures pouring some tea.

| @joojong_/Instagram
| @joojong_/Instagram

Yet, it was the caption that caught the attention of fans as it read, “Woah, Woah.”

Although it’s already a funny comeback to the comments, it is even better considering it’s actually a reference to Extraordinary Attorney Woo. 

During one of the episodes, Woo Young Woo and Choi Su Yeon are trying to help a North Korean defector have a shorter sentence for her daughter. Jung Myeong Seok asks Woo Young Woo to get her coworker to calm down by going, “Woah woah.”

The cast then continue to say the quote throughout, and it became a fan favorite.

In the comments, international netizens found the actor’s comeback very funny and even continued to ask Joo Jong Hyuk to be kind to Woo Young Woo, even though it’s his character.

The comments on his posts show just how good an actor Joo Jong Hyuk is. With many episodes to go, there is a possibility for some character development as the series goes on. If not, netizens will have to try and separate their hatred for the character from the actor.

You can read all the background behind the story below.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Actor Joo Jong Hyuk Has Become K-Drama Audience’s Public Enemy Number One

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