“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Actor Kang Tae Oh On His Attitude When It Comes To Relationships

Wait, do we want to marry Kang Tae Oh or Lee Jun Ho more?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a K-Drama that is taking over the world. Since it started airing, netizens have fallen in love with the heartwarming drama starring Park Eun Bin and Kang Tae Oh.

The story follows an attorney who has autism. It has been praised for breaking prejudices as the first drama featuring an autistic attorney.

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Yet, netizens have become obsessed with the blossoming relationship between Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin) and Lee Jun Ho (Kang Tae Oh). At the start of the series, viewers watched Lee Jun Ho fall in love with Woo Young Woo.

| The Swoon/YouTube
| The Swoon/YouTube 

More recently, he sent the internet into meltdown when he showcased his more flirty side when Woo Young Woo wanted to find out if she liked him or not.

| The Swoon/YouTube
| The Swoon/YouTube 

Well, it seems like actor Kang Tae Oh might actually be the living embodiment of Lee Jun Ho, and it’s definitely making us soft AF.

Kang Tae Oh recently appeared in an interview with SINGLES KOREA, where he had to fill in the blanks for questions about his personal and professional life.

Throughout the video, Kang Tae Oh seemed to continue to share his admiration for the character of Lee Jun Ho. When asked which role he wanted to try again, he chose Jun Ho to delve into more layers and showcase more of what the character had to offer.

Kang Tae Oh was then asked about the similarities and differences between him and the character of Lee Jun Ho.

When it came to the biggest differences, Kang Tae Oh had nothing but nice words to say about his character’s personality. In particular, his words seemed to perfectly reflect why netizens loved the character on screen.

Jun Ho is just so sweet, popular, and not that conscious about others. No matter how other people think, if he has a strong belief, he sticks to that.

— Kang Tae Oh

However, although netizens are falling in love with Kang Tae Oh as a person, the actor seemed to think his flaws contrast with the positive traits he sees in Lee Jun Ho.

I’m a simple person too conscious about others.
I’m too conscious about others.

— Kang Tae Oh

He then even shared that when he goes shopping, this worry about those around him makes it tough. It isn’t an uncommon trait in an introvert, and Kang Tae Oh revealed that it can be tough.

So I can’t even go to the mall to buy some clothes because if I pick what I like and staff will look at me. Then I’m just like, what if they think, ‘That doesn’t look good on you.’

— Kang Tae Oh

Yet, it was the similarities between the two that caught the attention of netizens, and it was on the topic of love. The actor revealed that the similarities between him and Lee Jun Ho can be described like a “sunflower.”

What I have in common with Jun Ho is that both Jun Jo and I are like a sunflower. Because when we have someone we love, we only look at that person.

— Kang Tae Oh

Of course, when the clip was shared on social media, netizens on TikTok truly had their hearts stolen by Kang Tae Oh. For many, it showed that Lee Jun Ho connects to people because the actor is just as sweet, with many labeling him a “true green flag.”

Once again, Kang Tae Oh has managed to make every netizen fall in love with him as much as his character. After nearly ten years in the industry, many are glad Kang Tae Oh is finally getting a spotlight shone on him and is seeing the praise he deserves.

You can read more about Kang Tae Oh perfectly embodying what love is as Lee Jun Ho below.

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Source: SINGLES KOREA and @dancingkites

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