“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Actors Go Viral For Their Idol-Like Airport Fashion On Their Way To Bali

Their visuals are extraordinary.

K-Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo has become an international sensation. The drama from little-known broadcasting station ENA has defeated the odds to become Korea’s most watched drama.

The drama’s success can be measured directly by the drama’s ratings. The drama’s first episode brought in a 0.9% rating, and through word of mouth, the drama went viral. The drama’s highest rating so far is 15.8% for the episode airing on July 27.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo ratings per episode | Naver

Not only that, the success of the drama has caused the stock prices for the drama’s production company to go all the way up!

Stock price for Skylife | Money Today

To thank the actors for their hard work and the drama’s success, the production company rewarded the actors and staff with a vacation.

From left to right: Joo Jong Hyuk, Ha Yoon Kyung, Park Eun Bin | 비몽/Youtube

| 비몽/Youtube

On August 8, YouTube channel 비몽 (Bimong) uploaded the actors at the airport as they made their way to Bali. Actor Kang Ki Young, unfortunately, wasn’t able to make the trip due to the actor catching COVID-19.

Park Eun Bin | 비몽/Youtube

Ha Yoon Kyung | 비몽/Youtube

Joo Jong Hyuk | 비몽/Youtube

Fans were impressed by the actors’ visuals. When it comes to airport fashion, the actors all seemed to have understood the assignment!

  • “Park Eun Bin is so kind, cute, and lovely. Everything about her seems natural, even her taking care of her fans.”
  • “It’s good that she is going with her managers too.”
  • “Seeing Park Eun Bin take all the letters given to her by fans shows how she’s as beautiful on the inside as she is outside. She looks so good in her white clothes, and she’s so cute and lovely.”
  • “Why is Eun Bin so cute? She looks like an angel. Her chemistry with Yoon Kyung is so lovely to watch.”
  • “Hope they have a great time.”
  • “Seeing her take the fan letters with her at the end made me fall in love with her again. All three of them look like angels. I hope they become closer. Please come back safe!”
  • “Kwon-Technician’s chemistry with Young Woo is super underrated, lol. I hope they come back safe!

It seems not only do the actors of Extraordinary Attorney Woo have the looks of an idol, but thanks to the drama’s success, they now have a similar following too! Check out the link below to see the full video!

Source: 비몽/YouTube

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