“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Actress Joo Hyun Young Reveals She Actually Wanted To Audition For A Completely Different Role

She even prepared to audition for another role!

Without a doubt, one of the hottest K-Dramas of the year so far has to be Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

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The newest series starring Park Eun Bin and Kang Tae Oh and follows Woo Young Woo, who is an attorney that has autism, and follows her journey. It is a show that has tried to break prejudices through heartwarming stories.

One character that has become a true fan favorite is Attorney Woo Young Woo’s best friend Dong Geu Rami, who is played by Joo Hyun Young.

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Throughout the series, netizens have been treated to some of the most wholesome interactions between the two characters.

For many, they are the epitome of friendship goals and have a supportive, loving, and touching relationship with each other. They also created one of the most iconic greetings ever and one that has become a trend amongst idols.


Yet, it seems like Joo Hyun Young didn’t actually intend to play the part of the loveable Dong Gue Rami.

In an interview, the actress actually revealed that when she was given the part, she was very nervous about playing Dong Gue Ra Mi, especially as she is one of the key characters in the show. She has also become a huge fan favorite.

At first, I wasn’t confident that I could play Dong Geu Rami because she is such a necessary character.

— Joo Hyun Young

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Yet, another reason the actress shared that she was worried was that it wasn’t the role she initially auditioned for. In fact, Joo Hyun Young revealed that she had actually auditioned for Choi Su Yeon, an attorney at Hanbada.

I told the writer and director that I had also prepared for the role of Choi Su Yeon, but they graciously but sternly told me they had someone else in mind for that part.

— Joo Hyun Young

Of course, Choi Su Yeon is played by Ha Yoon Kyung.

Park Eun Bin (left) and Ha Yoon Kyung as Choi Su Yeon (right) | Netflix

The actress perfectly plays the role of the attorney who seems tough on the outside but always makes sure that Woo Young Woo is safe and cared for.


It seems impossible to imagine anyone else but Joo Hyun Young playing Dong Geu Rami, and she was always destined to play the role. As the series continues, netizens will no doubt see more of her character’s #friendshipgoals with Park Eun Bin’s character.

You can read more about Joo Hyun Young spilling about behind the scenes of the show below.

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