“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Actress Joo Hyun Young Reveals Her First Impression Of Woo Young Woo Actress Park Eun Bin

“I kinda fell in love with her at first sight…”

Extraordinary Attorney Woo actress Joo Hyun Young is on quite a roll.

Joo Hyun Young | @2ruka__/Instagram
| @2ruka__/Instagram

Although she may be newer to international audiences, the actress has been a sensation in Korea for a better part of a year, thanks to her appearances on Coupang Play‘s SNL Korea for which the actress won a Baeksang Arts Award and Blue Dragon Series Award.

Joo Hyun Young | @2ruka__/Instagram
| @2ruka__/Instagram

In the live comedy-skit show, the actress plays an inexperienced field reporter. Her hilarious interactions with Ahn Young Mi, who plays the in-studio announcer, have made the actress an overnight celebrity. Joo Hyun Young’s character is especially loved for her believable way of speaking.

| Coupang Play

The actress has transitioned seamlessly into her role as Woo Young Woo’s closest friend, Dong Geurami, on Extraordinary Attorney Woo. The character’s brash and confident personality is a perfect compliment to Woo Young Woo who at times has a tendency to doubt herself.

She is also totally shipping Woo Young Woo and her handsome co-worker.

The chemistry between the actors really shines when Woo Young Woo is in need of a pep talk, with Dong Geurami always being there for her to remind Woo Young Woo, how talented she is.

| @2ruka__/Instagram
| @2ruka__/Instagram

It seems the chemistry between the characters is no accident as actress Joo Hyun Young revealed what her relationship with actress Park Eun Bin who plays Woo Young Woo is like in real life.

Joo Hyun Young (left) and Park Eun Bin (right) | ENA

Joo Hyun Young was a guest on fellow actress Park Ha Sun’s radio show SBS Power FM’s Cinetown where she revealed her first impressions of Park Eun Bin. 

Joo Hyun Young (left) and Park Ha Sun (right) | Chosun Ilbo

Park Ha Sun first stated what Park Eun Bin told her was Joo Hyun Young’s first impression.

Eun Bin said when she first met you, she thought you were really interesting. What was your impression of her?

— Park Ha Sun

Joo Hyun Young gushed over Park Eun Bin, returning the compliment.

When I first met unnie, I thought that she was really cute. She is really petite when you meet her in person, and her eyes are so dreamy like a bunny.

— Joo Hyun Young

The actress then stated that the actress, despite her cute outer appearance, also has a charismatic side when she needs to turn it on.

With that said, when she speaks, she does so very gracefully, but you can sense her strength. She has a righteous charisma.

— Joo Hyun Young

She then turned right back into a total fan right after saying it.

Ah, that unnie is like really cute and super lovely but is also like super cool. So I think I kinda fell in love with her at first sight.

— Joo Hyun Young

Surely many fans can relate as Extraordinary Attorney Woo has seen its rating sky-rocket from its first episode (0.8) to its most recent rating of 9.8%. It seems the super cute and super lovely unnie, who is also like super cool, is making all of Korea fall in love with the show!

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