“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Actress Kim Hieora Goes Viral Overnight Due To Her Incredible Acting

“As soon as I saw your entrance scene, I searched you…”

Feel-good drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo is the gift that keeps on giving.

It was reported earlier that the drama has been turning its actors into stars due to their stellar performances.


It seems we can add another actor to that list.

Kim Hieora | @hiiiii_o.o_ps/Instagram


Actress Kim Hieora wasn’t very well known before the drama’s sixth episode.

In the episode, the actor plays a North Korean defector on the run from police for five years for the sake of her young daughter. In the episode, the mother turns herself in and turns to Attorneys Woo Young Woo and Choi Soo Yeon (played by Yoon Kyeong Ha) in hopes she will be reunited with her daughter sooner than later.

From Kim Hieora’s first scene meeting with the lawyers, the actress made it evident that she wasn’t your basic character actor.

The actress showed incredible charisma and held her own with the acting chops of Park Eun Bin and Yoon Kyeong Ha.

Kim Hieora gave a poignant performance depicting a mother desperate to be reunited with her baby.

Well, it seems audiences unanimously agreed. On July 15, the actress made headline news!

News headlines about Kim Hieora | Naver

Fellow celebrities openly gave a rousing ovation to the actress, albeit digitally. One of Korea’s fastest-rising actresses Ahn Eun Jin commented on what she thought of Kim Hieora’s performance. Momoland‘s Hyebin even gave her approval!

Ahn Eunjin | @eunjin___a/Instagram

Unnie you’re the best!!!

— Ahn Eunjin

Hyebin | @hyebinmm/Instagram

You really are the best ><

— Hyebin

Singer An Ye Eun posted on her Instagram her approval of the actor’s performance.

Actress Hieora (formally)!!!

— An Ye Eun

Musical actress Kim A Young also uploaded a post appreciating the actress.

Don’t cry Eora. I am so happy you are in my favorite drama.

— Kim A Young

But most importantly, the audience showered the actress with her flowers after the episode aired. Many praised the actress for her wonderful performance.

  • “You were amazing.”
  • “I was touched… I am rooting for you.”
  • “You were the best.”
  • “You were so amazing.”
  • “You were really the best.”
  • “I was so happy to see your acting yesterday. It feels like you are getting cooler as time goes by. No matter what road you take, I will root for you. It isn’t long before there are 50 million of your fans!”
  • “I was laughing and crying while watching the show. You really were amazing.”
  • “As soon as I saw your entrance scene, I looked you up and followed you. You were amazing!”

Kim Hieora is an accomplished musical actor who has also starred in K-Dramas such as Forecasting Love And Weather, Bad And Crazy, Hospital Playlist 2, and Beyond Evil.

If the response from her performance on Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a sign of things to come, Kim Hieora is about to get much busier!

Cast of Extraordinary Attorney Woo | @hiiiii_o.o_ps/Instagram
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