“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” In Talks For USA Remake

The series isn’t even 1/3 done yet and offers are coming in.

The latest K-Drama hit sensation Extraordinary Attorney Woo is in talks for a USA remake.

According to an exclusive report from JTBCExtraordinary Attorney Woo has received numerous proposals from overseas broadcast companies requesting to create a remake version of the K-Drama.

Overseas remake proposals are already coming in for the show due to the extraordinary momentum the show is receiving. In particular, USA agencies are especially active in suggesting a remake.

— K-Drama insider

A second K-Drama insider believes that a USA remake of Extraordinary Attorney Woo would be successful due to the success of another remake of a series with a main charcater that is on the autism spectrum. Back in 2017, K-Drama Good Doctor received a USA remake and was just renewed for a sixth season, set to air in October 2022.

My instincts tell me that a remake of Extraordinary Attorney Woo will work out in the USA due to the experience they have gained through Good Doctor.

— K-Drama insider

Extraordinary Attorney Woo has become the hottest K-Drama in Korea and around the world, setting records for viewer ratings on ENA (previously SKY). It is also the most viewed non-English show on Netflix. The production company’s stock price has nearly doubled since the first episode of the show.

The prodcution company AStory has confirmed that there have been talks for a USA remake.

We have received a remake proposal from the USA and are considering the offer.

— AStory

Source: JTBC and Edaily