Actress Park Eun Bin’s Favorite “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Scene Made Her Cry When Reading The Script

“It’s one of my favorite scenes that made me tear up…”

With the hit Korean drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo halfway through its season, actress Park Eun Bin shared one of her favorite scenes that was so touching it brought her to tears.

Park Eun Bin | @eunbining0904/Instagram

When describing the show’s characters from Woo Young Woo‘s perspective, Park Eun Bin shared a memorable moment between Woo Young Woo and Choi Su Yeon.

Park Eun Bin admitted, “It’s one of my favorite scenes that made me tear up when I first read the script.

It was the emotional scene where Woo Young Woo sat down with her longtime friend Choi Su Yeon and explained that her warmth and kindness earned her the nickname “Spring Sunshine.”

Making the moment more emotional, Park Eun Bin and Ha Yoon Kyung have also become good friends in real life, mirroring their characters.

Park Eun Bin and Ha Yoon Kyung. | @eunbining0904/Instagram

Not only did the emotional scene touch viewers, but it also brought Park Eun Bin to tears just from reading the script.

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