“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Actress Park Eun Bin’s Transformation Has Netizens Raving

She ditched the bob!

ENA‘s K-Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo actress Park Eun Bin recently made a transformation, ditching her iconic bob for longer hair!

On August 3, the actress’s label Namoo Actors released a recent pictorial of the actress on their Instagram.

In the post’s caption, the label wrote that the pictures were from a recent photo shoot for a new commercial featuring the actress.

In search of respite from the heat, we went along with actress Eun Bin to her photoshoot. We hope these pictures of the most in-demand actress of the moment will help cool your summer down.

— Namoo Actors

In the pictures, the actress is seen radiating with long locks of silky black hair, posing for cosmetics brand Rataplan. Most eye-catching is the fact the actress looks totally different without her short bob.

Park Eun Bin | @namooactors/Instagram
Park Eun Bin | @namooactors/Instagram

Fans reacted to the actress’s new look most positively!

  • “You are so beautiful…”
  • “You are so pretty <3.”
  • “Actor Park Eun Bin, you were a goddess.”
  • “You are really so pretty ㅠㅠ. I hope Rataplan sells out due to Eun Bin :).”
  • “Goddess Eun Bin <3. Could you release Woo Young Woo’s ID card in high quality?”
  • “You are so pretty <3.”
| @namooactors/Instagram
| @namooactors/Instagram

Park Eun Bin is sailing high thanks to her newfound fame as Extraordinary Attorney Woo‘s Woo Young Woo. The drama has captured the hearts of K-Drama fans all over the world. With just a few more episodes left, if you were hoping to binge the drama, now might be a good time to start!

Source: @namooactors/Instagram and Wikitree

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