The Most Recent Ratings For “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Have The Whole K-Drama Industry Shook

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is now the most watched mini-series in Korea.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is proving to be unstoppable.

The feel-good story about Attorney Woo Young Woo has audiences hooked.

The drama is getting praised for its portrayal of those living with autism and offers an honest look at how society treats those with disabilities.

More importantly, the drama is bringing awareness to audiences who many before were not familiar with autism. In fact, many Korean audiences didn’t even know autism had a spectrum.

All of this goodwill from audiences seems to be showing up where it matters most for the drama: The ratings!

Ratings for the drama’s most recent fifth episode were revealed on July 14. The episode’s rating came in at a whopping 9.1%. As the drama’s first episode had a 0.9% rating, the drama’s rating has grown by 10x in only three weeks (The drama releases two episodes per week)! 

Ratings for each episode of Extraordinary Attorney Woo | Naver

That means not only is the drama the most watched in its category (Wednesday-Thursday), it is the most watched weekly mini-series in Korea!

This is an incredible feat for any drama, but even more impressive considering the drama is produced by ENA, a little-known station, and that is a Wednesday-Thursday drama.

For perspective, the second most watched Wednesday-Thursday drama is Seo Yea Ji‘s tvN drama Eve, which has a rating of 3.4%.

Seo Yea Ji in poster for Eve | tvN
Ratings for drama Eve per episode | Naver

With audiences growing by the week, it will be interesting to see how high of a rating Extraordinary Attorney Woo will achieve!

Are you a fan of Woo Young Woo? If you have Netflix, check to see if the show is available in your country!



Source: Wikitree

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