All Eyes Are On IVE As They Own The Stage — But We Can’t Help But Notice The Audience’s Priceless Reactions

“It’s been a long time since I burst out laughing while watching TV…”

Recently, IVE made a comeback with the album I’ve IVE with the pre-released high-teen anthem “Kitsch” and the powerful title track “I AM.” The group (minus Rei due to health issues) appeared on The SeasonsJay Park’s Drive and performed their new songs and a special band version of “Love Dive.”

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In the comment section, netizens praised the girl group for their ability to sing live while dancing to intense choreography—however, they couldn’t help but notice the audience’s reactions.

While IVE performed “Love Dive,” the camera moved around the girl group as they gave their 100%, but it also captured the audience’s raw reactions. A particular comment pointed out a specific time from the video, saying that the expression on the audience member’s face is “every one of us.

This moment captured an audience member staring in awe after Jang Wonyoung does the famous “you into me, me into you” line, complete with the point and body rolls.

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He sure looked like he was “diving” into love, but so did other audience members. Another moment showed a man smiling excitedly while also nervously glancing at the woman—who is most likely a partner—next to him, who was slightly side-eyeing him.

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There were also shocked faces from the audience, such as this guy, during Liz‘s part.

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Some people felt they needed binoculars to get a closer look at Gaeul during their stunning performance.

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Others were mesmerized by the performance—with their mouths open, eyebrows furrowed, and clapping set in auto-pilot.

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The best part, however, was when the man from before appeared again at the end of their “Love Dive” performance—this time, his partner was glaring at him “clapping” with one hand in a fist, while he laughed and looked happy.

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Netizens responded with comments talking about how hilarious these reactions were.

  • “The wide open mouth of the viewers… shows how good IVE is at live performance… love it! 😍”
  • “the audience reaction proves they are a superstar now !”
  • “I knew just how amazing IVE is as a K-Pop group, but seeing the audience’s expressions confirmed it! IVE is love itself, and precious!”
  • “They are watching them like they were fairies omg I love it”
  • “I love how real the audience’s reaction was 😂”
  • “It’s so cute when they capture the viewers loving it looooooool”
  • “can we talk about how wholesome the reaction of these audience?”
  • “The funnier thing here is the reaction on the audience faces… 😲 shocked that IVE is that gooddddddddd hahaha IVE show them what you HAVE😍”

IVE also performed their new song “I AM,” which also pulled out these stunned, open-mouthed reactions from the audience—especially after An Yujin‘s high note. Also, two fans sat holding up their phones that read: “IVE” and “I love you.

The audience was also captivated by IVE’s short performance of “Kitsch.” One audience member, in particular, caught the attention of netizens.

  • “The guy at 3:00 is completely out of it lol he’s so cute lol”
  • “3:00 this brother’s out of it hahaha”
  • “3:00 he is swooning hahaha”
  • “03:00 I..I…I’m in love, 03:07: I’m awake from my dream”

The “out-of-it” main character of the 3-minute mark was an audience member who seemed to be in a daze while watching IVE perform.

As a commenter said, however, when IVE finished their “Kitsch” performance, he “woke up” from his dreams and clapped.

Netizens praised the girl group for their stunning performance, but once again, they could not help but talk about the audience’s reactions.

  • “Aren’t they exposing the people watching too candidly LOLLL”
  • “the audience’s expressions lol”
  • “The audience reactions are funny, and it makes me proud… Our IVE has grown so much~”
  • “It’s funny seeing them watch with their mouths open and I can totally relate lol”
  • “Wow, but if those tall and beautiful girls danced in front of me, I would watch with my mouth open too”
  • “Did they see fairies? Their expressions lol 😦😦 Their faces say, ‘Is this heaven?'”
  • “It’s been a long time since I burst out laughing while watching TV…😂”
  • “I think IVE is the first idol they’ve seen in a while lol I can tell by the audience reactions that they think IVE is cute and adorable hehe”
  • “So good… I understand why the audience is watching with their mouths open”
  • “Wait but the audience’s facial expressions are so funny hahahah they’re like whoooooaaaaa,,,”
  • “seems like everyone got hypnotized lol”

Let’s be honest—if we saw IVE’s captivating live performances right in front of us, we would be in a trance, too!


Source: KBS Kpop


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