F-VE DOLLS (5DOLLS) members part ways after officially disbanding

MBK Entertainment‘s girl group F-VE DOLLS, also formerly known as 5DOLLS, has officially disbanded with reports that members will be parting ways.

According to the agency on March 10th, the now former members of F-VE DOLLS — Hyoyoung, Eunkyo, Nayeon, Seunghee, Yeonkyung, and Hyewon — will be going their separate ways as their contracts had expired and were not renewed.

In light of news of disbandment, it was further revealed that member Hyewon has signed an exclusive contract under KEYEAST, and will be following activities under her new agency where she will bloom as an actress. In addition, member Seunghee will be participating in MBK’s upcoming survival show, which will determine the agency’s new girl group. Should she forgo elimination in the survival show, Seunghee will debut once again in T-ARA‘s sister group.

F-VE DOLLS originally derived as a the female sub-unit of mixed group Co-Ed in 2011 as 5DOLLS with SPEED as the male sub-unit of the group. Following the dissolution of Co-Ed, F-VE DOLLS were an official group and promoted with members Chanmi, Soomi, Hyoyoung, and Hyewon, with Eunkyo later added to the group.

Source: My Daily