The Face Of The Killer, Who Murdered A Woman And Her Two Daughters, Revealed To The Public

He has admitted to the charges so far.

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This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

On April 5, the face and name of the mother-daughter killer has been revealed to the public. The murderer who took the lives of a mother and her two daughters has been revealed to be 25-year-old, Kim Tae Hyun.

Kim Tae Hyun | Chosun

Kim reportedly met A on an online game and began to show romantic interest in her. It has been reported that after being rejected by A numerous times, Kim began to stalk her starting January of 2021. On March 23, after stalking A for a few months, Kim disguised himself as a delivery man and invited himself into A’s home. A’s younger sister was home alone at the time and according to police reports, she was the first victim. 5 hours later, A’s mother returned home and became Kim’s next victim. An hour later, Kim killed A after she returned home from an outing.

Kim Tae Hyun arriving to the police station | Newspim

The police shared that, “the crime was premeditated since he had all the necessary items prepared for the crime in advance. His preparation resulted in the murder of three victims.” The police also further shared that it was due to the heavy interest and social unrest by the public that they decided to publicize Kim’s name and face.

Photo of the crime scene | JoongAng Daily

It has been confirmed that Kim stayed at the crime scene with the three corpses for three days after killing them. He reportedly ate food, drank alcohol and engaged in bizarre activities during this time. When he was arrested at the scene, he was found with several self-injurious marks on his neck, arms and stomach. While he has no previous history of mental illness, it was revealed that Kim has committed other crimes in the past.


Nowon Police Station | News1

Kim Tae Kyun is currently undergoing investigation at the Nowon Police Station in Seoul. It has been reported that Kim has admitted to most of his charges, including the murders.

Source: JoongAng Daily