“Fake Men” Ya Jeon Sab Apologizes To Oh My Girl’s Seunghee For Looking Like Her

“I feel really bad for Seunghee.” — Ya Jeon Sab

Drill sergeant, Ya Jeon Sab of the reality program, Fake Men recently spoke in an interview with MAXIM where he apologized to Oh My Girl‘s Seunghee for looking like her.

During the interview, Ya Jeon Sab confessed that he often hears he looks like Seunghee but that he feels bad about it.

People tell me I look like Oh My Girl’s Seunghee from time to time. I feel really bad for Seunghee.

— Ya Jeon Sab

| @saltyudt/Instagram

He expressed that he’s not someone any girl group member would want to be compared to.

She’s in a girl group, but she’s being compared to someone like me who’s bald with a beard…

— Ya Jeon Sab

But he admits himself that they do resemble each other somewhat.

I feel like our eyes look pretty similar though. Anyway, I’m really sorry.

— Ya Jeon Sab

Ahead of this apology, Ya Jeon Sab gained attention for resembling Seunghee in terms of his eyes and lips.

| @saltyudt/Instagram

The comparison went so viral that when his name is searched on the Korean search engine, photos of Seunghee pop up.

Do you see the resemblance?

Source: Insight