Falling American Satellite Might Come Crashing Down On Korea

Koreans are on alert.

An American satellite might fall on the Korean Peninsula from space.


According to news reports, the American satellite named ERBS, might land on Korean soil on January 9.

Korea’s Ministry Of Science And ICT (henceforth known as MSI) made the revelation on January 9 and has since sent out an alert and is meeting with members of the National Space Situational Awareness Organization to prepare in case the satellite does land in the country.

Korean Peninsula | Wikitree

The ERBS was launched on October 5, 1984. The satellite weighs 2450kg and is currently falling towards earth. The satellite is expected to hit earth between 12:20 PM and 1:20 PM.

Korea’s MSI stated that most of the satellite is expected to be destroyed by the atmosphere’s heat but warned there might be considerable amounts of debris that fall in the vicinity of where it lands, and therefore, those in the area must take precautions.

Unrelated picture of space debris | The Economic Times

According to news reports, Koreans will be alerted whether the satellite will definitely make its landfall in Korea, as well as the time and place the satellite will make contact. Koreans in the vicinity of the satellite’s final destination are advised to stay inside and be on alert during the satellite’s descent.

NASA, on January 7, stated that the chances of the satellite harming anywhere on earth were low as 9400 to 1. Stay tuned for updates.

Source: wikitree
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