Famous Chef’s Fiancée Makes Headlines For Looking Like Seolhyun’s Doppelgänger

She’s as successful as Seolhyun too!

Famous Korean chef Lee Won Il appeared on a recent show where he introduced the world to his successful and beautiful fiancée, Kim Yoo Jin!

As soon as she appeared on camera, the cast noted that she looked very similar to AOA Seolhyun‘s visuals!

They claimed Seolhyun and Kim Yoo jin has similar auras in beauty perhaps thanks to their similar round almond eyes, small-yet-tall nose, and lips.

Kim Yoo Jin and Lee Won Il first met when they were working together on a different program. Kim Yoo Jin is actually a well known PD on MBC, having worked on popular shows like Omniscient Viewing!

She may be a boss lady but she stole everyone’s hearts as she had the cutest aegyo in front of her fiancé!

Jang Sung Kyu noted that he worked with her on set before but she was “a scary PD on set” and was surprised by her cute side that he’s never seen before!

Lee Won Il and Kim Yoo Jin are set to wed very soon, and both are very lucky to have found such beautiful and talented partners to spend the rest of their lives with!

Source: Osen