Famous Fashion Designer Accused Of Sexually Harassing Two Men

He allegedly touched them inappropriately and asked them to strip.

Famous fashion designer, Kim Young Se, has been accused of sexually harassing two men. A male in his 30s sued him for sexual harassment, claiming that Kim Young Se touched him inappropriately when he went to interview for the position of a chauffeur.


The man claims that Kim Young Se invited the man to his house for the interview and began touching him, even going as far as telling him to strip.

“It started with him wanting to shake my hand to putting his hand on my thighs. He asked me to take off my clothes because he wanted to gift me with a shirt.”

— Alleged Victim


The man was so traumatized by the events that he has to get ongoing psychological treatment. He says he can no longer enter a location where only one man is present.

“I can’t go anywhere that only has one man present because that event traumatized me greatly.”

— Alleged Victim


Another chauffeur who was previously employed by Kim Young Se also confessed that the designer made passes at him. He claims that Kim Young Se told him to touch him inappropriately under the guise of massages and applying lotion.

“He told me to sit on the bed because he had something to tell me. He would tell me to massage him or put lotion on his back.”

— Former Chauffeur


Despite these two men’s claims, Kim Young Se held a video interview to fight these accusations. He emphasizes that these stories are false, and that the accuser never came within 2 meters of him.

He believes that the men are falsely accusing him of sexual harassment because they know that he is gay and want to get money off of the lawsuit.

“There was no way for me [to come in contact]. He never came within 2 meters from me. Is this a play? Is this a drama?

— Kim Young Se


The police have investigated the two men’s stories and have passed it onto prosecution.


Kim Young Se is best known for designing gorgeous pieces for Miss Korea, Miss Universe, and top celebrities like Kim Woo Bin.

Source: MBN News