Famous Girl Group Song Producer Arrested After Sexually Assaulting Friend’s Sister

He did it to his friend’s sister.

A famous music producer who has expanded his works to include producing songs for girl groups has been arrested after it was revealed he sexually assaulted a friend’s sister.

According to an exclusive report from TV Chosun, the unnamed producer was arrested after it was discovered he visited the house of one of his friends, and when everyone else was asleep, sexually assaulted his friend’s sister. After denying such allegations made against him, he was caught after DNA test results showed it was him.

The producer first got his name out in the public after rising in the Billboard Korea charts in the early 2010’s with his own self-produced song. He also recently expanded his reach to include composing for girl groups. He was arrested on May 29 on charges of sexual assault.

According to the prosecution, the composer visited his friend’s house in April in early April, and drank with her and her younger sister until very early in the morning. Once they decided to end the night and go to sleep, the host and her sister went into their respective rooms, and the composer waited until the sister was asleep to sexually assault her.

The sister woke up from the assault and made a complaint, but the composer denied any sexual assault. He also claimed there was no sexual intercourse involved. However, evidence submitted by the sister found the composer’s DNA. The composer’s case is currently underway.

Source: TV Chosun