Famous Korean Rapper Turns Himself In For Drug Abuse

He confessed to his crimes.

According to South Korean media, a famous rapper in his 30s turned himself in, to the police, on January 19, 2024. They had walked into the police station at Yongsan-gu around 8.30am that morning. They asked if this was the place to turn themselves in.

The police were shocked to hear him ask if he had come to the right place. After confirming that he was at the police station, he claimed that “he was here to turn himself in for doing drugs.” The police reported that he was stumbling over his words, and was incoherent. Registering his severe state, the police sent him to a nearby center for protection.

He is now under suspicion of having abused drugs in January 2024. The police will conduct thorough investigations as per the law. His identity is strictly under wraps, apart from the fact that he is a famous rapper who has been active up to recently.

Source: Seoul Korea