Famous Korean YouTuber Passes Away Amidst Battle With Cancer

May she rest in peace.

Popular Korean YouTuber Cha Cho Hee, better known as Coco Choi, has unfortunately passed away after battling with cancer.

Coco Choi | @chohee1423/Instagram

On November 24, a video titled “Coco Unnie, We Will Always Remember You” was uploaded on her YouTube channel, CocoChoi, updating her subscribers about her demise.

It is with a heavy heart that we are here to announce the death of our dearest friend, Chohee Cha passed away on the 18th of November, 2023. We have been blessed by her presence in our lives, and she will always be remembered by us.

According to the post, the 54-year-old YouTuber was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in the Spring of 2023. She was in the process of recovering after her last chemotherapy in November. In fact, she was scheduled to film a new video for her YouTube channel, but the previous day, her health suddenly deteriorated, and she passed away.

| @cocochoi/YouTube

The video looked back at some of her happy moments and urged subscribers to keep her alive in their hearts.

Please remember her,
The Coco unnie who loved her subscribers, the Coco unnie who wanted to show even more things to her subscribers, the Coco unnie who never stopped learning new things,…the Coco unnie who grumbled on the outside but had deep warmth in her heart…the Coco unnie who didn’t lose her bright appearance even in sickness.

The news of Coco Choi’s passing came as a shock to her viewers, since they were not aware of her health conditions. In September, she uploaded a post on her YouTube Community tab informing her subscribers that she would be taking a break from uploading videos without revealing any reason.

The channel CocoChoi began its journey in 2020, growing steadily over the past three years with nearly 88,000 subscribers. Her content was focused on reviewing luxury goods, which earned her the nickname of “luxury unnie” among her viewers. She also shared glimpses of her life and travels through lifestyle videos. Aside from YouTube, she also enjoyed a thriving career as the owner of the multi-branded boutique 1423 Naïve Water and the clothing brand Vue Du Parc.

May her soul rest in peace.

Source: News1