Famous Restaurant In Daegu Is Under Fire For Banning Women From Entering

Korean netizens have divided opinions.

A reportedly famous restaurant in Daegu is currently in hot waters after several women shared their unprecedented experience on an online community board.

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According to the women, they were refused entrance by the owner—an old lady—solely because of their gender.

One reviewer started off by saying that she and her friend entered the restaurant and respectfully greeted the owner, but they didn’t anticipate what happened next.

I respectfully greeted the restaurant’s grandma as I went in but she noticed that we were a party of two women and she said that she doesn’t accept female customers. I was quite surprised because this is the first time I’ve ever been treated like this.

— Female Netizen

Not only were they kicked out, but they also weren’t given any explanation at all. “I don’t know if it’s because of superstition or because women don’t order drinks but…she wouldn’t give a reason even when we asked. We were basically kicked out of our seats.”

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Another netizen wrote of her own experience and shared the reason as to why the owner refuses entrance to women.

I asked her why they don’t accept female customers and she said, ‘The table turnover rate for women is slower, and we get a lot of customers who come in groups of men so it gets rowdy and noisy when they start trying to hit on them and stuff, so we just don’t accept them.’

— Female Netizen

Netizens have divided opinions over the matter. Some argue that it is “obviously sexism” and that it doesn’t make sense how women are being blamed for the actions of men.

Others, however, believe the owner has the right to do whatever she wants. They insist on it being the fault of women for “taking a long time to leave“.

The restaurant owner can do whatever they want, no?

Women will order food and then take three hours just chatting away so I bet that’s why the owner made that rule ㅋㅋㅋ

The owner of the restaurant is a woman herself so imagine how bad it must get for her to reject female customers? As noisy as things get, she’d accept them if they helped her business.

I think that rowdy stuff is just an excuse. The real reason is probably that women take up two hours at a table and some of them even post on SNS or blogs, which comes with its own risks. Honestly, women are quite sensitive and picky. Men will mostly eat and get up 30 in minutes and leave right away. They’re also too lazy to post anything about it on SNS ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

— K-Netizens

As of writing, the dominant reactions on Naver—a popular online platform in Korea that reported the news—are “good” at 1504, followed by “angry” at 876.

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75% of commenters are men and only 25% are women. Majority are in their 40s.

| Naver
Source: Naver
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