[★BREAKING] Famous YouTuber Sexually Harasses IU, Now Getting Sued By Agency

IU will be pursuing legal action against a YouTuber for sexually harassing her, leaving extremely inappropriate comments and malicious

FAVE Entertainment and IU announced that they would be filing a lawsuit against YouTuber POOWAR (Ji Yong Hwan) after they continuously harassed her on multiple videos. POOWAR has nearly 200,000 subscribers and is extremely well known in Korea.

POOWAR created a channel that was used specifically to make sexual comments against IU. While most of their videos have since been deleted, the ones uploaded were initially extremely vulgar and sexual.

POOWAR answered “questions” on his videos such as, “Would you like IU or a pet dog?” to which he answered, “Of course I like IU. A dog can’t give me sex, but IU can. Life is about sex, don’t you understand?”. Comments were made on his video that disturbed many fans and eventually reached IU and her company.

Viewer: Who do you love more? IU or Youngwol? (His dog)

POOWAR: Pick Youngwol or pick IU? If you ask that, I gotta pick IU.

POOWAR: I mean I have no choice there… Youngwol can give me the pussy but IU could give me the pussy… I mean life is sex. You understand me right? All men will understand this… That’s just life.

POOWAR: Ok you guys keep saying about some lawsuit with IU and how you’re going to report me but whatever. It’s an honor if I get sued by IU because at least I’ll get to meet her right?

POOWAR: I could go… ‘I mean I just said those things because I love you IU Noona! Why did you do this to me!’ I mean if she hears this she will just clear up the lawsuit. I’m not an anti-fan so it’s no problem man!

POOWAR: Also, if IU decides to destroy me and gets my organs along with everything I got… her image will be ruined so yeah…

When Fave Entertainment announced they would be filing a lawsuit against this YouTuber, their response was even more disturbing.

“I can be sued by IU’s company. It would be an honor if IU filed a lawsuit against me. I’ll be able to meet IU in the courtroom.”

— YouTuber POOWAR

Fortunately, he will only be seeing FAVE Entertainment’s legal team in the courtroom. To prevent any other deranged “fans” from being copycats, they agency will be pursuing full legal action against this YouTuber.

FAVE Entertainment released a statement regarding this incident and their thoughts on the harassment.

“Recently we have taken notice of a YouTuber who frequently made comments towards IU that could be considered sexual harassment.

We have been constantly monitoring the names of users who make malicious comments and [state] false facts. We believe that the degree of their actions is serious and we will be taking strong legal action to prevent any [copycat users].”

— FAVE Entertainment

POOWAR has since uploaded a new video, explaining why he believes that what he did was not wrong. He tells his viewers and subscribers that this is normal for him and that he loves IU. In the video, POOWAR claims that what he said was simply his style on YouTube.

He claims to be joking around when he made the original video and that it was not serious. In the new video, POOWAR apologizes for his original video and the sexual harassment.

“My loyal viewers will know, that I love IU. I make these sexual remarks constantly. I mean, I always sing that I love IU every day. Anyways, what happened was that some viewer asked me if I loved my dog or IU more.

I mean I said IU obviously. Because my dog can’t ‘give me some’ and IU can. Then I kind of called IU out like a dog but I mean come on. If it’s your first time seeing my show you could be taken aback but I do this all the time! My loyal viewers saw that segment and laughed and moved on man.

I’ve loved her for like 6 years man! I mean I’ve had her on my wallpaper for 6 years! I love her, I don’t want to sexually attack or anything. I mean I can’t even meet her anyway. I’ll be more careful from now on I guess.

— YouTuber POOWAR


Despite his apology, FAVE Entertainment and IU will not be dropping the lawsuit and will continue to pursue legal action against POOWAR. 

“We believe that the comments are overboard. Our legal team is in the process of filing a case, which will take several days.

We understand that [POOWAR] made an apology video but we have not seen it yet. Regardless, [what he said] was still overboard. Even if he apologized, we will continue with the lawsuit and not change our stance.”

— FAVE Entertainment

This is not the first time IU and her company have taken action against netizens who post malicious comments directed at IU. Back in January, her parent company LOEN Entertainment announced that they fined 11 netizens for malicious comments.

Source: TV Report