Fan Alleges DKZ Kyoungyoon’s Mother Coerced Them Into Attending A JMS Church In A Bombshell Interview

Kyoungyoon’s mother responded to the allegations.

A fan has alleged that DKZ‘s Kyoungyoon‘s mother had coerced them into attending a church associated with the controversial JMS cult.

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On March 16, SBS News released an interview with a fan who alleged that DKZ Kyoungyoon’s mother had lured them into a JMS church. Previously, it was revealed that DKZ Kyoungyoon’s mother had run a cafe that had ties to the JMS cult. Furthermore, it was revealed that the idol’s aunt was a pastor at a church with ties to the cult.

DKZ Kyoungyoon’s Family Is Still Under Suspicion Of Being JMS Followers Because Of His Relationship With His “Pastor” Aunt

In the interview, the fan revealed that they had agreed to the interview with SBS News to point out the lies stated in past statements by the idol and his family member.

After reading Kyoungyoon and his mother’s interview, I contacted Kyoungyoong’s mother and his label to ask why they lied, but I never heard back. Beyond the (betrayal) I felt as a fan of a singer, it was really hard for me once I learned that the person who I relied on was a messenger of JMS and that the words she (Kyoungyoon’s mother) told me were from the teachings of JMS.

— Fan

According to the fan, they were first introduced to the JMS church on October 29. The fan revealed that since May of last year, they would visit the cafe alone. The fan stated that they had begun to rely on Kyoungyoon’s mother, who would listen to them, and that whenever they felt depressed, they would visit the cafe..

After we became close over many conversations, Kyoungyoon’s mother asked me if I had a religion. When I told her that I didn’t, she encouraged me to find one. I told her that I wanted to pray, but because I was in an area that wasn’t familiar to me, I didn’t know where to go. She then told me there was a church that Kyoungyoon’s family attended. She then encouraged me to come to her church the next day, which was a Sunday. I met Kyoungyoon’s mother and his grandmother at the promised time and went inside the church together. Kyoungyoon’s mother was a deacon at the church, and once service started, she went up and spoke and sang while the preacher, who is also known as Kyoungyoon’s aunt, preached. I remember the service being about love. Only ten people gathered in a small place for the service. I remember there was a staircase to the second floor.

— Fan

The fan revealed that they didn’t realize the church was different from any other church at first. In fact, the fan stated that “I had such a good impression of the church members because they were warm and so nice to me. It was to the point that I realized I had a lot of preconceived notions about christians.

The fan then stated that after the service, Kyoungyoon’s mother had started to preach to them about JMS’s doctrine and beliefs.

She said we were god’s brides. She said god loves us so much and that the love is a thousand times greater than the love between a parent and a child. It was only after watching Netflix’s In The Name of God: A Holy Betrayal that I realized it was JMS’s teachings.

— Fan

According to the fan, because they lived far away from the church, they never attended the church again, and Kyoungyoon’s mother never asked them to come back. The fan stated that they had been really happy to have met someone as nice as Kyoungyoon’s mother but that they went through a hard time once they learned that everything Kyoungyoon’s mother told them was the teachings of JMS.

I had a hard time deciphering whether I had been preached to or if I was genuinely consoled.

— Fan

The fan then stated that when they reached out to Kyoungyoon’s mother and his label to receive an apology, they never heard back.

When I first learned that the cafe was associated with JMS, I reached out to Kyoungyoon’s mother because there was something I wanted to tell her, but her phone number had changed. I then emailed the label because I wanted to receive an apology, but I never heard back. After watching the JMS documentary, despite fears for my safety, I am speaking today to relieve myself of my heavy heart after reading the interviews of other JMS victims.

— Fan

SBS News then reached out to the label, which after speaking with Kyoungyoon’s mother, stated that the fan’s allegations were false. According to a representative at the label, the mother denied ever asking the fan to come to her church.

The fan in question would visit the cafe often and thus became friendly with (Kyoungyoon’s) mother. There would be times when they would stay (in the area) for four nights and five days. Because the fan would often talk about being depressed to Kyoungyoon’s mother, she encouraged the fan to go to any church, not hers, but to any church, whether it be one that the fan’s family attended or a church by the terminal, or any church and that she hoped it would console the fan and help them become better. After that, one Sunday, the fan showed up at (Kyoungyoon’s mother’s) church in the middle of service and sat in the back. After the service was over, the fan told her that they had gained strength and that they felt better, so Kyoungyoon’s mother was relieved and advised her to find another church. Kyoungyoon’s mother denies ever recommending the fan attend her church.

— Dongyo Entertainment

The fan then pushed back on Kyoungyoon’s mother’s statements and reaffirmed that they were encouraged to attend the idol’s mother’s church.

Kyoungyoon’s mother told me the day before to attend her family’s church. I came not in the middle of service but before at the promised time and went inside the church with Kyoungyoon’s mother and his grandmother, who arrived in a white SUV.

— Fan

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Source: SBS News
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