DKZ Kyoungyoon’s Family Is Still Under Suspicion Of Being JMS Followers Because Of His Relationship With His “Pastor” Aunt

“I have an aunt who is like immediate family to me.”

DKZ member Kyoungyoon and his family were recently accused of being associated with the horrendous JMS cult (also known as Christian Gospel Mission).

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With Netflix’s docuseries In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal bringing awareness to cults, a list of JMS churches throughout Korea was posted online to prevent further damages. Among the list was a cafe that Kyoungyoon’s family owns, which is associated with Youngduk Ju Mideum (translated into Youngduk Trust In God)—a church affiliated with JMS.

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In response to the suspicions that arose regarding the singer and his family, Dongyo Entertainment released a statement saying that before they watched the docuseries, “his parents had thought that the church they were attending was just a normal church” and that “they never experienced or recognized anything similar to what was broadcasted on the docuseries.”

The statement also said that after watching the show, Kyoungyoon was horrified and the family “ceased operations on the business immediately.” They also claimed that he has “checked up on all the portions related to JMS” and will “escape from the church and have nothing to do with them moving forward.

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However, there are still doubts that Kyoungyoon didn’t know about his family’s religion because of his aunt who is a pastor. In a past interview, Kyoungyoon stated that he is a Christian and that his aunt is a pastor who always prays for him and DKZ. He said, “People from churches across the country who know my aunt pray for every member of DKZ by name,” and expressed how he hopes the prayers help his members to work hard without getting tired.

On a radio show, Kyoungwoon revealed, “I have an aunt who is like immediate family to me. She wrote down each member’s name and sent a congratulatory message.” People are suspicious that Kyoungwoon was affiliated with his family’s religion because of his close relationship with his pastor aunt, and netizens are demanding an explanation from the singer.

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The suspicion continued as netizens pointed out that the font of the signboard at the cafe run by Kyoungwoon’s parents is similar to the font of JMS’s signboard. In addition, they are suspecting that if the parents were able to run the church’s cafe, they were at a high level of authority—at least an executive or managerial level.

Source: Sports Chosun and Top Star News
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