Rumors Claim Fan Bingbing Has A Sex Tape

A man has claimed to have seen the video himself.

Rumors claim that the Chinese actress Fan Bingbing filmed a sex tape with the Vice President of the People’s Republic of China.


On October 7th, the Taiwanese newspaper, The Liberty Times, reported an interview with Guo Wengui, the Chinese billionaire who fled to the United States. In this interview, Wengui revealed that he saw Fan Bingbing’s sex tape with Vice President Wang Qishan.

Guo Wengui

Vice President Wang Qishan is a politician who is also known as General Secretary Xi Jinping’s right-hand man.


In order to prove his statement, Wengui explained that there is a scar on Fan Bingbing’s body. He added that Fan Bingbing was threatened by Wang Qishan not to reveal what had happened.


Wengui also revealed that Fan Bingbing has “another job”.

“Fan Bingbing helped my friend borrow 1.2 billion Yuan ($173 million USD) from the Bank of China and 3 billion Yuan ($433 million USD) from the China Development Bank within 1 week and took 20% in commissions. Fan Bingbing’s real job is not an actress, but this.” ㅡ Guo Wengui


Fan Bingbing was surrounded by numerous other rumors, some of which claimed that she had disappeared, passed away, etc. This was because she had suddenly disappeared from the public eye.


She eventually came out of hiding and admitted to massive tax evasion, posting an apology letter to her fans and her country.

Fan Bingbing Comes Out Of Hiding, Admits to Massive Tax Evasion


She was then ordered to pay 880 million Yuan ($128 million USD) in taxes and penalties, which was paid off within just 2 days of receiving the notice.

Fan Bingbing Paid Off $130 Million Within Two Days

Source: Ilgan Sports