Fan Bingbing Comes Out Of Hiding, Admits to Massive Tax Evasion

She finally spoke up.

China’s top actress Fan Bingbing, who had been missing from the public eye for months, has come out of hiding to admit her involvement in tax evasion totaling hundreds of millions of Yuan.

Chinese Actress Fan Bingbing Reveals Whereabouts After Completely Disappearing From The Public


Fan Bingbing has been found guilty of not reporting and paying a total of 248 million Yuan ($36,104,236 USD). She has been ordered to pay a total of 880 million Yuan ($128,535,851 USD) in taxes and penalties.

She will not face any criminal charges or additional fines if she pays back the 880 million Yuan by the required date, which was not disclosed.


Fan Bingbing also posted an apology on her Weibo account, apologizing to the nation and her fans for her wrongdoings. She expressed her shame for her actions and expressed thanks to the [Communist] Party and her fans, as without them, Fan Bingbing would not exist.


There were initially rumors flying around that she was involved in a money laundering scandal of an unthinkable scale, but those rumors remain groundless.

Chinese Actress Fan BingBing Involved In Large-Scale Money Laundering Scandal


Currently Fan Bingbing’s whereabouts are still unknown, and some of her fans still suspect she is under detention and supervision if the Communist Party.

Source: Newsen and Xinhua