A Fan Is Called Out For Being Emotionally Abusive Towards VERIVERY’s Yongseung — Netizens Demand Jellyfish Entertainment Protect Its Artist

“Wow, just watching the footage has me stressed out.”

Netizens were critical of a fan who was seen berating VERIVERY‘s Yongseung and praised the idol for his patience.

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On January 10, a post on an online community titled “Footage Of A Fan Sign That Is Causing Controversy On Twitter” went viral. The post was viewed over 144K times as of this writing.

In the post, the author wrote, “VERIVERY Yongseung and his fan. Usually, Twitter sides with the fan, but in this instance, they criticized the fan for being emotionally abusive...” The author then uploaded a tweet in that contained a video and audio recording of a fan interaction with VERIVERY’s Yongseung. The author of the tweet was also critical of the fan and called out the fan’s behavior towards the idol.

You have so many names, so I don’t know what to call you.
In 2021 you were going crazy asking Yongseung to wear a ₩100,000 KRW (about $80.70 USD) Pandora bracelet you gave him in 2019, and so he wore it. Also, he has been receptive to you throwing a tantrum for four years because you want to be his most special fan. What more do you want from him that would make you show up at his fan sign?

— @192737181ko/Twitter

The author of the tweet also uploaded a video in which a fan can be seen berating the idol because Yongseung had wished the fan would laugh more this year than they did last. Apparently, the fan was upset because Yongseung had brought up the fact that the fan had been upset at him last year.

A full translation of the clip is available below.

  • Fan: Choose.
  • Yongseung: What?
  • Fan: Whether I should just laugh as if I am brainless, or should I just move on?
  • Yongseung: What do you think would be best?
  • Fan: I don’t care about either.
  • Yongseung: I don’t mind either.
  • Fan: Do what you want.
  • Yongseung: I was disappointed after reading your comment yesterday. And so I feel so hurt, and it is hard for me to read comments right now.
  • Fan: But don’t you think how hard it is for me to hear that?
  • Fan: After hearing that, it just adds to what is already pent up inside me.
  • Yongseung: Then look, why is this keep coming up? Even when we are getting along fine like this you…
  • Fan: But don’t you remember what you said to me yesterday?
  • Yongseung: What did I say?
  • Fan: I did the ‘What I Want To Take After You’ thing… You told me that I didn’t laugh much last year. You kept saying that to me first… That I didn’t laugh much last year.
  • Yongseung: You said you didn’t laugh… I was mentioning that.
  • Fan: No, “Out of 365 days, laugh on 360 days.” This was in the questionnaire. But you then all of a sudden checked that…
  • Yongseung: You said you couldn’t laugh…
  • Fan: You kept bringing that up.
  • Yongseung: How?
  • Fan: No, you kept bringing it up. Why does something from last year come up at that moment?
  • Yongseung: I was referring to when you said you were only happy five days out of the whole year.
  • Fan: But you are the one that keeps bringing that up.
  • Yongseung: Why are you keep saying that it is from last year? I don’t really understand you.
  • Yongseung: I want you to laugh, but you said besides the five days, you had more sad days.
  • Fan: I am here right now because I want to laugh tomorrow.
  • Yongseung: But then, how can you write something like that?
  • Fan: But because you keep saying that, I keep thinking of what happened last year.
  • Yongseung: No, you said you weren’t happy on 360 days out of the 365 days of last year.
  • Fan: I was telling you how I *censored*, so why are you trying to dig deeper?
  • Yongseung: I never meant to dig deeper.
  • Fan: I was once someone who was bright and laughed a lot. But you keep (talking) about that like that…
  • Yongseung: But last year, you were unhappy because of me, right?
  • Fan: I spoke to you in a good mood…
  • Yongseung: So then why did you switch up like that? I feel like even if we start to get along again, you’ll write something similar.
  • Fan: I don’t understand why you would bring that up yesterday… All of a sudden, bringing up the bad emotions that I had toward you last year. I thought we had put that behind us.
  • Yongseung: That is why I said I wouldn’t do something to make you feel bad this year. I was saying I wouldn’t do something similar this year.
  • Fan: You never said that to me.
  • Yongseung: No? You misunderstood me, then.
  • Fan: You never said something like that.
  • Yongseung: If you recorded (our conversation) by chance, listen to it again.

Netizens blasted the fan in the clip, criticizing the fan for being rude and emotionally abusive. Many netizens criticized the idol’s label Jellyfish Entertainment for not stepping in to protect the idol.

  • “What are you doing, Jellyfish?”
  • “The label shouldn’t let her in the fan sign if she’s like this. This is so bad.”
  • “When are you planning on doing your job, Jellyfish?”
  • “She isn’t unhappy because of the idol. She makes herself miserable. Let the idol go and get treatment.”
  • “Wow, just watching the footage has me stressed out.”
  • “It must be so hard on the idols emotionally having to listen to fans’ tantrums.”
  • “It’s a relief that the idol is mentally strong, and I think he’s really admirable.”
  • “No, seriously, what is Jellyfish doing?”
  • “There are so many fans acting out at fan signs.”
  • “The label should do something. Don’t accept their money. Are they seriously not going to protect their artist?”

Yongseung debuted as part of VERIVERY in 2018. Jellyfish Entertainment has not commented on the incident.

Source: theqoo