Fan Steps Up to Defend Eunwoo in His Recent “Sexual Comment” Controversy

It was all a big misinterpretation.

ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo recently got caught in the middle of a hot debate over a message he wrote for his fan at a fan meeting event. Netizens grew outraged by the sexual undertones of the message, until a fan stepped up to clarify in his defense.


When the message in question first became known, it was believed to read, “Shall we meet while you wear tight fitting clothes? Sexily.”

Some netizens became upset and said Eunwoo doesn’t respect women and has no manners. Other speculations, as to why Eunwoo wrote such a sexually charged message, included that the fan must have wanted words of motivation for her weight loss endeavor, or that the fan most likely requested those exact words and Eunwoo had no choice as a rookie idol at the time.


However, an anonymous post, written by someone claiming to be the fan who received this very post-it message, shared that there is a huge misinterpretation. The fan explained that Eunwoo was talking about himself in the message.

[Hi, I’m the receiver of this post-it from 3 years ago. (Edited)] I thought about where to post this and decided it should be where a lot of fans can see. This is from a fan meeting in 2016, during the early promotions of ‘Breathless’. I asked all of the members to write something that will make my heart race.

— Fan


The fan provided the background as to why “tight fitting clothes” became a topic of the conversation and ultimately ended up on the post-it message.

When it came my turn, I talked to Eunwoo about how he looks sexy in his form fitting clothes. After that, he wrote the post-it message, reacting to what I said. In other words, I told him he looks sexy in tighter clothes and he meant to say he’ll wear tight-fitting clothes when we meet again.

— Fan


The fan added that all other clarifications of the post-it are not from her and hence false.

All other clarifications that talk about the message being about weight-loss or body shape or tight outfits are not true. I never asked  or forced the members to write specific messages either. Member Sanha wrote ‘Sorry’ because he autographed over his face. +) The person on Twitter claiming to be the owner of the post-it is not me. This is the first and only place I’ve posted regarding this issue.

— Fan


Eunwoo’s fans, who were troubled by the post-it, felt relieved to hear the full story behind the otherwise controversial message.

  • “Please stop harassing ASTRO boys with false accusations…”
  • “Where’s the apology? I hate how people say so much sh*t but never come back to collect it when it proves otherwise.”
  • “Seriously though, who does this? Why dig up something from 3 years ago and spread rumors? What does that person have against Eunwoo?”
  • “I knew it though… I’m not Eunwoo’s fan, but I’ve seen him on TV. He seemed to be cautious in his actions and speech. I thought it was weird that he would have said anything like this.”
Source: Nate Pann