Fans Are Flipping Out About A Possible LizzoxBTS Collab…And Frankly, So Is Lizzo

“Yes please” to this epic collab!

BTS have made quite a name for themselves and have collaborated with many commendable artists…and fans are hoping Lizzo might be next!


Many fans have tweeted about a LizzoxBTS collab before, but one fan actually got a response back! On October 8, a fan tweeted:


To which Lizzo responded with a short, yet sweet:


Yes please




 It was just this one response that caused fans of both artists to go berserk!




Lizzo is both a well-known singer, as well as a well-known up-and-coming ARMY! After BTS’s “Boy In Luv” choreography mashed with Lizzo’s “Juice” went viral (which Lizzo herself reposted, btw), fans have been fervently hoping for a collab between both artists!


Lizzo has also expressed her admiration for BTS before, and even revealed that if she was given the opportunity, would love to be able to collaborate with them!


Here’s to hoping for a LizzoxBTS collab sometime this year, or next year…they can hit us with it whenever!