Lizzo Had The Cutest Reaction After Listening To BTS For The First Time And Jokes It Made Her Pregnant

“Y’all better turn this off I’m about to get pregnant”

Lizzo and BTS are some of the hottest stars in America in 2019.

Lizzo achieved breakout success with her latest album release Cuz I Love You, with the album receiving critical acclaim.

Meanwhile, BTS claimed the honor of being the first artist since The Beatles to reach #1 on the Billboard 200 with three albums within one year.

Considering the success of both artists and their poignant message of self-love, many fans have been secretly hoping for a collaboration between the two.

In fact, a video of BTS’s “Boy With Luv” choreography syncing with Lizzo’s song “Juice” went viral, with Lizzo even sharing it on her Instagram.

Yet, she had not had the chance to listen to a BTS song, until now.

CBC Music invited her to listen to a song that she had never heard of before.

When the song started playing, Lizzo was grooving along and said that this was what she felt whales would sing to each other.

Then she had an epiphany.

Wait is this BTS? Oh my God! Wait keep playing, I’ve never heard a BTS song

After listening to only half a BTS song, Lizzo was jamming hard to “Boy With Luv”, especially to Suga’s rap.

“Boy With Luv” was definitely an ethereal experience for Lizzo.

It’s getting my heart going, my juices are flowing, I got lost in the moment.

She referred to the song as “beautiful” and thought that it was beyond a jam.

I would say it’s a groove. That was a sex groove.

Lizzo admitted that now she knew exactly why ARMYs have such a great love for their idols.

Now I know why people sleep outside in tents for days!

The caption for the video even joked that Lizzo’s first time listening to BTS turned out to be a “sexual” experience.

Y’all better turn this off I’m about to get pregnant

When asked whether she would want to collaborate with BTS, Lizzo humbly said that she would love to if she had the chance, even capping it off with a hilarious answer.

If I could collaborate with BTS, I mean, that sounds fun! I don’t know if I could make it through the studio session without having sex with all of them.

I’m just kidding, god that was such a terrible thing to say, I’m sorry Mum.

Meanwhile, ARMYs have been enthusiastic at the possibility of a Lizzo and BTS collab.

To see the full video of Lizzo listening to BTS for the first time, you can view it below: