A Fan Gave Jessi A “Thoughtful Gift” After She Revealed Her Celebrity Crush

Jessi has some of the best fans!

Recently, rapper and singer Jessi revealed that she has love for BTS‘s Jungkook! Not only does she want to duet with him, but he is her celebrity crush!

| SK telecom/YouTube

Since then, fans have been continually teasing her over it. She’s so cute about it too!

Today, Jessi revealed that a fan even gave her a gift related to her crush. The soloist updated her Instagram Stories with a picture of a Lemona vitamin powder box with Jungkook’s picture on it. She captioned it: ” My fans got me this, very funny…” 

| @jessicah_o/Instagram

Isn’t that a thoughtful gift? 😂 Her fans are thinking of what she likes, as well as her health!

Source: @jessicah_o and Cokoyam