This Fan Is So Special To Actor Kim Ji Seok That He Not Only Promised To MC For Her Wedding, But He Met Her Fiancé In Advance

Here’s her fiancé’s reaction.

Kim Ji Seok is an actor that starred in many hits such as When The Camellia Blooms and more. Although he has solidified a name for himself as an actor, he first started out as a rapper of a group that was once called South Korea’s Backstreet Boys, LEO. They debuted in 2001. Although things didn’t work out in the end, he managed to build a solid fanbase that he calls his Jewel Box or Boseong Sangja.

A group of these fans that have been supporting him endlessly for 18 years have built a close relationship with him that is unlike any other. This small group was once part of the fan support team that helped organize other fans. Back then, when fan culture was a lot different from now, these fan managers would volunteer and would help at offline events. Due to their unwavering support, he ended up befriending them at a closer level. 18 years is a long time!

Even in 2021, he still goes around volunteering with his fans. As of course, this small group of fan managers would help organize the volunteer trips. As shown on I Live Alone, he held a video call meeting to discuss the matter with them.

One of the fans, Heejin, shared that she was about to get married. Kim Ji Seok’s reaction was priceless.

He immediately asked her what she wanted as a gift, and she of course, asked him to MC at her wedding.

He had previously MC-ed at a different fan’s wedding which she had been a guest at as well. He shared that he cried during that wedding as it was emotional, watching your fan of 18 years walk in, wearing the most beautiful gown.

Kim Ji Seok not only promised to MC at her wedding which will take place in November 2021, but he went a step further and offered to meet her boyfriend in advance.

A few months later, he met up with her and her boyfriend for a meal.

After some questioning, he found out that not only was the boyfriend super supportive of his wife’s activities as a fan, he also was very understanding. On their 100th day anniversary, she had gone to a fan support event and he did not bat an eyelid! Instead, he told her they could celebrate the next day.

Kim Ji Seok insisted that Heejin stop her activities as a fan manager now that she was legally going to be bound to another man. However, her boyfriend immediately gave his permission for her to continue.

What an amazing celebrity and an amazing boyfriend Heejin has! Check out the blessed moment below.