Fan Recognizes BTS’s Jimin…From Inside A Moving Train

The most fortunate fan or the unluckiest?

BTS member Jimin recently became a part of the Fast &Furious original soundtrack with the song “Angel Pt 1,” where he collaborated with four other artists, Jvke, NLA Choppa, Muni Long, and Kodak Black. The singer also appeared in the music video and went all the way to New York to shoot for it.

After the music video’s release, several TikTok accounts posted behind-the-scenes footage from the filming. Jimin filmed a sequence with Muni Long where they go back and forth in the song.

He also had solo shots in the music video, where he was sitting on the ledge of a roof as trains passed by the building.

There were many behind-the-scene takes posted on TikTok for this particular sequence, showing Jimin filming from different angles.

But one particular video has caught fans’ attention.

In this TikTok, Jimin suddenly notices something in the train passing by as he laughs and waves in its direction. Then he turns towards someone else beside him and points at the direction again. From his reaction, fans are guessing that someone in the train probably recognized Jimin, and their shocked expression might have been the reason he broke into a laugh.

Now, ARMYs are not sure if the person Jimin waved at is the luckiest fan ever or just the opposite. On the one hand, they got to see Jimin and even got noticed by him, but on the other, probably nobody is going to believe their story ever.

This incident also reminded fans of the other time someone recognized Jimin in a moving van while BTS were filming Bon Voyage 4, and he also noticed them back.

His ARMY sensors must be working overtime whenever he is in public!


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