Fan responsible for “Up & Down” viral video turns down dinner invitation from EXID and Shinsadong Tiger

After their track “Up & Down” rose up the music charts again, girl group EXID was quoted saying that they would like to buy dinner for the fan whose video recording of their performance allowed them to return with promotions.

It has been reported that said fan had been identified by their agency, who contacted him to offer a dinner invitation. However, the fan has turned them down, receiving praise from netizens for his “cool attitude.”

An agency official said, “Recently, the fan was contacted directly by representatives of Yedang Entertainment on the phone [to tell him] ‘thank you very much. EXID and ‘Up & Down’ composer Shinsadong Tiger would like to have dinner with you. But he said ‘I’m busy. I have other girl groups to record. Let’s eat another time.'”

“He is not a fan of only EXID, but he shoots videos of several girl groups as a hobby. We really appreciate what he’s done.”

In related news, EXID has continued to rise at the top of the music charts, staying in the TOP10 online real-time music charts. The girl group reached #1 on Mnet’s music charts.

Source: Sports Seoul