One Lucky Fan Ran Into Ryu Jun Yeol And Hyeri At Work — Here’s How The Couple Reacted

A fan shared their experience of running into the couple at their workplace!

A lucky fan once ran into Ryu Jun Yeol and Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri at their workplace, and shared her experience seeing them!

Recently, a fan who worked at an escape room place, revealed online that they saw Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri at their workplace and left a post-it note letting them know that they were a fan!

This major Ryu Jun Yeol fan was living their best fan life as they were not only able to meet him and instruct him on how to play the game, they also received a response on the note!

Fan: I’m a fan!! Fighting!!

Ryu Jun Yeol: Thank you… Please keep a lookout for my upcoming projects Alien and No Longer Human. Thank you.

Recently, Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri were at the center of breakup rumors, which were soon put to rest when a fan came across the two enjoying a quiet date together at a restaurant!

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The two have been in a public relationship since 2017, and are still going strong!

Source: The Qoo
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