Fan-taken photos from TWICE’s concert reveal the scale of their popularity in Japan

This is how popular TWICE really is in Japan.

TWICE just finished their first two Japanese concerts as part of their TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park tour.


They held the first two concerts at the Saitama Super Arena, the third-largest indoor arena in the world, eating over 36,000 people at a time!

Photo: ‏@DC_TWICE


With two nights of concerts, that’s a total of over 70,000 ONCEs attending their shows!

Photo: ‏@DC_TWICE


Major Japanese companies and broadcasting stations also sent their love and support for TWICE’s concert.


Just from the merchandise lines, it was easy to tell just how popular TWICE is in Japan.

Photo: @twice_posite_



But the most beautiful sight was the magnificent Candy Bong ocean!



And best of all, the entire arena sang Happy Birthday to Dahyun!


The Saitama Super Arena last weekend was truly a sight to see.


Since they debuted in Japan, TWICE has done nothing but break records for K-Pop and help revive Hallyu in Japan.

With Their Grand Debut, TWICE Has Already Become A Top Artist In Japan


And this past weekend on popular Japanese program Music Station, TWICE also performed their Korean song “What Is Love?”  alongside their Japanese single “Wake Me Up.”

No Korean artist has ever performed a Korean song on Music Station before, making TWICE the very first to do so.


And with another incredibly successful concert, they’ve solidified their position as the most popular K-Pop girl group in Japan.


Congratulations to TWICE for all their continuing success in Japan!