A Fan Of TWICE’s Tzuyu Pushed Into Her Personal Space During Chaotic Airport Incident

The fan kept trying to get close to her.

TWICE‘s Tzuyu was in a very uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation recently.

On January 1, 2020, TWICE returned to Korea from Japan, after participating in the Kouhaku Uta Gassen 2019. Even while they were on the plane, TWICE were extremely distressed by sasaeng fans, and even put up an Instagram story asking sasaengs to “stop, go home”.


When they arrived in Korea, a large number of fans were waiting for them. As soon as they spotted the group, all the fans bombarded them in order to take pictures and to see them. In the chaos that ensued, one male fan was seen pushing Tzuyu, and even kept pulling on the hood of her jacket.


Tzuyu was clearly seen being very uncomfortable, and her discomfort was amplified when a bodyguard on her left started pushing on her shoulder to get her away from the fans. She was visibly uncomfortable to the point where one of the group’s managers had to step in and yank the bodyguard’s hand away from her.


Fans managed to find the fan who was bothering Tzuyu, and found out that he’s a fansite manager with the account @ShiehangTzuyu. Upon being found out, he uploaded multiple posts via his Twitter in his defense, and said that he only wanted to give Tzuyu a flower, and didn’t mean to bother her.


Fans have been extremely upset at the immense privacy violations happening to TWICE recently, and have been voicing their demands for more security measures and better treatment for the group.


TWICE’s Nayeon has also been dealing with a foreign stalker recently. If the stalker or any of TWICE’s stalkers reaches out to you online or in-person during his search for Nayeon, you should immediately contact fan@jype.com with any helpful information so they can pass it on to the proper authorities for investigation.