TWICE Makes Distressing Post On Instagram Hinting Nayeon’s Stalker Being On Their Flight, JYP Responds

The stalker even followed them on their flight.

A member of TWICE posted a story on the group’s official Instagram account hinting towards Nayeon‘s stalker following them even onto their flight.

Please go home.

Please stop.

I beg you.


While the story was quickly deleted from TWICE’s Instagram account, fans believed the story was directed at Nayeon’s stalker, known as Josh. An airplane window could be seen in TWICE’s Instagram upload, leading fans to believe Josh followed them on their flight back to Korea from Japan.

Further backing ONCE’s suspicions were a series of tweets released by Josh after the plane landed at Gimpo International Airport.


ONCE are worried for Nayeon and also all of TWICE’s safety after seeing the lengths the stalker will go to try and reach Nayeon.


JYP Entertainment has also released a statement regarding the stalking incident, vowing to protect Nayeon and TWICE at all costs.

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

There was a big disturbance on [TWICE’s] flight back from Japan today as a foreign stalker was aboard the same flight for Nayeon. The stalker continuously attempted to reach Nayeon. Due to an immediate response, fortunately no damage was done directly to the artist, but they have expressed a lot of discomfort and anxiety.

Nayeon is currently under police watch due to this issue, and despite the repeated warnings from police and Nayeon herself that he should never approach her, he is continuing to ignore them, raising his voice towards our staff and clashing with our staff. The foreign stalker continues to behave without any remorse for his actions despite the consistent warnings.

We are hereby announcing that we will immediately be taking legal action against him to the highest degree possible.

We are also aware that the artists’ flight information was illegally sold and distributed. We would like to say that we will continue to seek out measures to completely eradicate this issue.

We would like to express our sincerest apologies to the passengers on board that may have been greatly inconvenienced by this issue.

We will take measures to prevent this from happening again.

Thank you.

— JYP Entertainment

If the stalker reaches out to you online or in-person during his search for Nayeon, you should immediately contact with any helpful information so they can pass it on to the proper authorities for investigation.

Source: JYP